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Anita Writes Historical Fiction
As a child, I would fill small notebooks with stories. These had to be small so they could be hidden away out of prying eyes. I didn't let anyone read them, even had they asked.
I started my first novel in my twenties; a story about a 17th Century Exeter family caught up in the Monmouth Rebellion inspired by Cynthia-Harrod Eagles' 'Dynasty' series. By the time it was ready to submit to a publisher many years later, the plot and characters had undergone vast changes and become an epic piece of work.
When I gathered the courage to submit the manuscript to publishers,  I was informed - regretfully - that historical family sagas were unfashionable. Historical fiction, however still had a following, and with some excellent advice from those in the know, i.e. my critique group, my manuscript was published in two volumes. 

After a brief flirtation with Victorian Gothic Romance, my next venture was a biographical novel based on the turbulent youth of Elizabeth Murray and her family who lived beside the River Thames in Richmond during the English Civil War and who went on to become the Duchess of Lauderdale.

My current project is a series of five Edwardian mysteries featuring my amateur sleuth, Flora Maguire, who searches out murderers in early 20th Century London and Cheltenham. The series is published by the wonderful team at Aria Fiction, an imprint of Head of Zeus. 

I am also represented by the Kate Nash Literary Agency.

I love hearing from readers - if you would like to know about my writing or
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