Envy The Wind 

co-authored by Victoria Chatham​​

​​Grace Aitken's life changed forever when her parents were killed in a carriage accident in a London street. At the age of twelve, she became the ward of her father’s business partner,  Angus MacKinnon.​​

At seventeen, her pious father-in-law convinced her that she owed him a debt of gratitude which could be expunged by marrying his son, Frederick.

After Frederick's death, at twenty-three and a widow, Grace is faced with a gloomy future. When she discovers she isn't dependent upon her in-laws after all, her rebellious side emerges and she books passage for Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada on the SS Parisian.

But her bid for freedom means a life far away from England and everything she knows.  Can Grace make a success of the future, or will she fail at every turn?
Each of the Canadian Historical Brides novels features one of the ten Canadian provinces and two of the
novels feature the three Canadian Territories.  These novels combine fact and fiction to tell the stories
of the immigrant brides and grooms who came to Canada from diverse backgrounds to join in
marriage and build the foundation of the free and welcoming country that is Canada​