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I was brought up in London, where the history of the city always fascinated me. As a child, while the other kids were throwing their sandwich lunch to the Tower Ravens, I would imagine Royal barges arriving at Whitehall Stairs  to disgorge periwigged men and women in bright silk gowns.

My first attempt at a fiction set in a past time was a story about a 17th Century family caught up in the Monmouth Rebellion. By the time I submitted the manuscript to publishers,  historical family sagas were no longer in fashion. Historical fiction, however, still had a following, and with some excellent advice from my online critique group, my West Country story was published in two volumes. 

After a brief flirtation with Victorian Gothic Romance, my next venture was a biographical novel based on the turbulent youth of Elizabeth Murray, later the Duchess of Lauderdale. Royalist Rebel is set in her youth during the English Civil War,  a dangerous time to be a devoted Royalist.  My current work is an Edwardian Cosy Mystery series featuring amateur sleuth, Flora Maguire, set in early 20th Century London and Cheltenham.

I am represented by the Kate Nash Literary Agency and published by Aria Fiction, an imprint of Head of Zeus.


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"Flora's Secret brings the elegance and grandeur of an early 1900s ocean liner to life in glorious detail. The characters leap off the page and the mystery has satisfying twists and turns. Bizarrely, I think the best way I can describe it is 'Titanic meets Miss Marple'! A must for all cosy mystery fans." Laura Purcell Author
"What a joy to launch myself back into the wonderful world of Flora and Bunny! This story has all the emotion and conflict of the previous three, plus the added heartstring-tugger of involving vulnerable children.
Flora is on crime-bustingly excellent form as always!"
"If you enjoy cosy historical mysteries and haven’t yet discovered Anita Davison’s fabulous
Flora Maguire crime novels, then what on earth are you waiting for? "