Flora Maguire Edwardian Mysteries
Flora's Secret
Governess Flora Maguire is on her way home from America on the maiden voyage of the S.S. Minneapolis with her young charge Eddy, Viscount Trent, when she discovers a dead body. The death is pronounced an accident, but unconvinced, Flora starts asking questions. Following threats, a near drowning and a second murder, the hunt is on for a killer while time is running out as the Minneapolis approaches the English coast.
Will Flora be able to protect Eddy, as well as herself? Is her burgeoning relationship with the handsome Bunny Harrington only a shipboard dalliance, or something
more? And what secrets must Flora keep in order to stay safe?

I'm a big fan of this author's work, so I was excited to read the first installment in her new mystery series. It did not disappoint. Along with the sparkling dialogue and likeable characters I have come to expect, I found an intriguing, page-turning 'whodunnit'. Anita brings the elegance and grandeur of an early 1900s ocean liner to life in glorious detail. The characters leap off the page and the mystery has satisfying twists and turns. Bizarrely, I think the best way I can describe it is 'Titanic meets Miss Marple'! A must for all cosy mystery fans. Laura Purcell Author

Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey
Even the most glamorous stately houses hide secrets and lies from the past which are lying in wait for Flora when she receives an alarming telegram informing her of her father's tragic death in a riding accident.
Heartbroken, she and Bunny return to her former home, Cleeve Abbey outside Cheltenham, where her father was head butler and Flora was governess to Eddy, Viscount Trent. 
Flora intends to bury him next to Lily, her mother, who passed away when she was a small child. However Flora has never seen her mother's grave and mystery surrounds the fate of Lily Maguire - one no-one is willing to talk about. With Riordan Maguire now dead in a suspiciousaccident, Flora strives to uncover hidden family secrets and terrible


“I am a great admirer of cozy mysteries, especially those that are easy to read but complex in plot, with wonderfully quirky characters that puzzle the reader, and that leaves the reader guessing until the very end. Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey is one of those such books! I love, love, love this series!” – Mirella Patzer Author

A Knightsbridge Scandal
Flora has escaped the country to enjoy the extravagant shops, exuberant theatres and luxurious restaurants  in Edwardian London. However on her first night at William Osborne's Knightsbrideg apartment, the body of a London socialite, and leading light of the burgeoning women's movement, is found outside The Grenadier public house.
Flora can't resist investigating when mysterious letters are discovered in the victim's belongings, strange links to the foreign office and why do the clues keep coming back to the assassination of a Serbian king? As Flora closes in on the killer, it soon becomes
clear she is no longersafe in London, but will Bunny be able to get to her  this
time before it's too late?

"This story has all the elements of complex mystery on the level of a spy novel during the first years of the 20th century, when tensions were on the rise toward WW1. Well researched, Ms. Davison sets the stage for one humdinger of a mystery." - Katherine Pym Author

The Forgotten Children
Flora and Bunny receive an invitation to tour St Philomena's Children's Hospital in deprived Southwark, she gets a harsh insight into the darker side of Edwardian London. She soon uncovers a scandal with a dark heart – children are going missing from the hospital.  With the police seemingly unable or unwilling to investigate, Flora teams up with Alice Finch, the matron of the hospital, to try to get to the bottom of it.
Soon Flora is immersed in the seedy, dangerous underbelly of criminal London, and time is
running out to save the children. Will they get to them in time, or was their fate
decided the day they were born poor. And what secret is Alice Finch hiding which
will impact on Flora's own life?

"What a joy to launch myself  back into the wonderful world of Flora and Bunny! This story has all the emotion and
conflict of the previous three, plus the added heartstring-tugger of involving vulnerable children. The vivid detail in the writing
brings the era to vibrant life, and the dangers faced by everyday people, (even before they go off investigating crimes!) are presented brilliantly. Without giving away any of the plot." - Terri Nixon Author

The Bloomsbury Affair
1905 London is a heady mix of unimaginable wealth and simmering political tensions, and with war looming Flora Maguire wants to keep her family safe.
So when her beloved charge Viscount Edward Trent is accused of murder, she's determined not to leave the investigation to the police. Flora has trodden the path of amateur sleuth before, but with so much at stake, this time it's personal.

Slowly the body of the victim found stabbed on a train bound for Paddington starts giving up its secrets, and Flora and her husband Bunny become mired in a murky world of spies,
communists and fraudsters. And with the police more sure than ever that
Edward is their murderer, Flora must work fast to keep him safe.

"I have been looking forward to reading this book since I put the last Flora and Bunny book down. Thankfully, this did not disappoint with the series moving on smoothly and absorbing me just as much, if not more. The writer makes London in the early 1900's really come to life as well as making our intrepid heroine and her very modern (for the times) husband every bit the couple we are rooting for."
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