My Other Novels

Envy The Wind
A Story of Prince Edward Island
Grace McKinnon's widowhood promises little but a life of drudgery under her father-in-law's oppressive rule.
When quiet rebellion turns to opportunity, she books passage on an Atlantic steamer only to face near disaster in Halifax Harbour. With the help of a sympathetic stranger, she arrives on Prince Edward Island, however as a woman alone in turn of the century Charlottetown, she faces not only prejudice and suspicion, but unwittingly falls foul of bootleggers during the Canadian Prohibition.
Will Grace succumb to an unexpected proposal of marriage, or confound the

naysayers andmake her new life a commercial success?

"When I begin a novel by Ms Davison I know I will enjoy it. Envy the Wind fulfilled all my expectations of a story rich in historical details with major and minor characters that sprang to life and remained with me after I read the last page."
- Rosemary Morris Author

Royalist Rebel
A Story of the English Civil War Published under the name Anita Seymour
Set in a period of great social unrest, this novel explores the various rivalries acted out between Royalist and Parliamentarian factions in 17th Century Britain. 
The real-life historical figure of Elizabeth Murray; Countess Dysart and Duchess of Lauderdale who lived at Ham House, a Jacobean mansion presented to William Murray by King Charles I on the River Thames at Petersham.
The English Civil War arrives and although fifteen-year-old Elizabeth's father wields influence, he had chosen the wrong side. Elizabeth and her family face a
tense fight to keep what istheirs in a land riven by opposing factions, betrayal
and danger at every turn.  

Royalist Rebel brought the era vividly to life with danger and spies at every turn! What I love about this author is her ability to capture the views and stances of the time. While the heroine, Elizabeth, may come across as snobby and stubborn to some, she was an accurate portrayal of a woman of her class and a character who had to endure so much (personally I loved Elizabeth - always like a flawed character). Clearly a lot of research has gone into this book and, as a newbie to the era, I found most of the political stuff useful - Laura Purcell Author

The Rebel's Daughter
A Story of The Monmouth Rebellion of 1685
Helena Woulfe, daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman, leads a privileged life, however, when rebellion sweeps the West Country, her family is caught in its grip. After Monmouth’s bloody defeat in battle at Sedgemoor, Helena sets off for Somerset to find the three missing members of her family.
With the Woulfe estate confiscated by the crown, Helena and her younger brother Henry hope the anonymity of the capital city will be more forgiving to the children of a convicted rebel. However, Helena finds her search for security and respectability in London are threatened by someone who wishes harm to a traitor's daughter.

"Absolutely loved this book. Brilliant setting and such good characters. Anita SeymourDavison knows her history of this period and writes it so well. Wonderful story! I'm off to purchase the sequel." AnneMarie Brear Author

The Goldsmith's Wife
A Story of The Glorious Revolution of 1688
In London, Helena has what she always wanted, respectability and security, although her brothers remain a worry - Aaron schemes in Holland with the Prince of Orange to depose the reigning King James II, and Henry carries his own sorrow, pining for another man's wife.
Prince William arrives in England to re-establish the Anglican Church, and when anti-Papist riots break out in London, Helena is forced to flee from her home – again.
While Helena strives to keep what she holds dear, can she and her brothers attain what they desire and above all, will they ever learn the fate of their missing Father, who disappeared after the Battle of Sedgemoor?

"Brilliant characterization. Good plot lines and great characters. Wonderful historical details of the 17th century England. Highly recommend." Amazon Customer